Music is the most powerful source in our lives, it inspires people and unites mankind. It is our mission to do exactly that.

Interstellar identifies recording artists, producers and songwriters and bringS their music to fans around the world.

We love music as much as you do and we happen to share our passion with music lovers, whoever and wherever.

Interstellar doesn’t limit itself to genres and styles: If it is great, then it is great.We will contribute to new success stories and love to write them together with you.


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Are you a songwriter, producer or composer?

Interstellar Publishing is a pro active creative company that works with talented music professionals from all over the world.

Together with Universal Music Publishing we have
a global reach to get your songs pitched and released with the biggest names in the business.

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We are always looking to promote new talent and music. Do send us your music so we can help you in your quest. Please post a streaming link to your music here:

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We respect your rights and are firm supporters of Fair Digital Deal Declaration

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